Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eating for Luck: New Year's Day Soup (with more Christmas ham)

For as long as I can remember, my family has eaten a traditionally Southern lucky meal on New Year's day: black eyed peas, cooked greens and pork for a little health, wealth and progress. I'm truly afraid to know what my year will be like if I don't eat this meal, so that hasn't changed since starting my own family. What has changed is the amount of time and effort I put into this meal - far less than my mom does every year when she roasts a pork loin and spends the afternoon making hoppin' john and collard greens. That tradition changed a couple of years ago when I was simply too tired and hung-over to consider the thought.

Instead, I've found a terrifically easy Southern Living recipe for New Year's Day Soup, complete with black eyed peas, spinach and, you guessed it, leftover Christmas ham! The best part is that most of the effort involves opening cans. I love to serve this with cornbread (hint for the truly lazy, like me: Trader Joe's cornbread mix is better than anything I can make homemade and also super easy). Though I'm not hung-over this year, I am pregnant which, on most days, feels about the same as having had too much to drink. So, minimal effort is still key!

If you have never eaten a lucky meal on New Year's, it's not too late to start... just start with this soup. Best of luck to you in the new year!

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